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Internet-Canada - domain name registration for .COM and .CA domain names and Canadian website hosting.
Internet-Canada provides web site hosting for sites both in Canada and around the world.

Canadian website hosting

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Made in Canada

Sky Valley Web Design was launched in 1999 to provide web design services for Salt Spring Island businesses. While Sky Valley Web Design was intended to just provide web site design, it quickly became apparent that the quality of web site hosting varied greatly between different companies. Our search for reliable hosting for our clients lead to the creation of our own web hosting company that same year.

Internet-BC While the target market for Internet-BC was here in British Columbia, by the middle of 2000, Internet-BC had clients from right across Canada and the USA. With our continued growth, this lead to the creation of Internet-Canada.

Internet-Canada came into being to join all the provinces together and to provide web site hosting of uniform quality, so that wherever you go in Canada, you can have your site hosted by a Canadian company, but know that it has the backing of a national provider. There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada, and we now have a presence in every one of them. In less than a year, we have grown from the Pacific right across Canada to the Atlantic and north to the Arctic Ocean.



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